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Various applications of binoculars:

We’re all well versed with the fact that binoculars are useful for zooming into things to get better visibility. But what could be these probable things which you’re zooming into? Here’s a list of things which would be nearly impossible to do had it not been for that pair of binoculars! Here we go:

1. Bird watching:

How on earth was it even possible to identify bird species had it not been for this magical instrument? Birds are almost always far far away in the sky or camouflaged in the greenery – this means that if binoculars didn’t exist, bird watching would not even be a thing! So yes, bird watching is the first and most common use of binoculars. The normal binoculars and the binoculars used by the ornithologist are very different. Ornithologists use the best binocular to get a clear vision.

2. Fishing tactics:

When you see every other person catching basket loads of fish back to the shore in their boats while you’re just sitting there hoping for lady luck to strike, take out your binoculars and have a look at what bait is used by your fellow anglers! Because that’s what is drawing the fishes to them! Use that very bait and watch how all the fish will be swarming near you!

3. Zoom into splinters:

Most of the times, binoculars are used outdoors. And when outdoors, injuries are rampant, they’re bound to happen. So in such cases, you can use the binoculars to get that stubborn thorn, piece or glass or stone off from where it is lodged in the injured part. The binoculars will give you a great view of what is stuck where so that you can take it off in a much better way.

4. Stargazing:

Who said you need Hubble’s Telescope to gaze at the stars? A powerful pair of binoculars will do the trick too! Carry a pair of binoculars so that you don’t have to wait for your turn to put your eye on the telescope – continue gazing at the stars through your own pair of binoculars while the rest are squabbling over their turn to look through the telescope!

5. Emergency saviour:

In case you’re trapped in an emergency in an outdoor expedition, you can break open your binoculars and take out the mirror to use it as a reflector to make your location known. The mirror in the binoculars is pretty strong enough to reflect the rays of the sun far and wide!