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Gun law in the United States

Mass shootings are rampant in the United States. All parents want for their kids to be safe. Some schools do drills in the event of earthquakes. Another exercise is what to do when someone comes to the school shooting a gun at the pupils. Some people feel more guns lead to more mass shootings. That is why such strict laws exist regarding gun control. Tighter gun control can help prevent mass shootings.


In the United States protecting yourself is a fundamental human right. Using a firearm to protect your family is legal in all the States. Under specific laws and guidelines, but they vary from state to state. If you travel or carry your firearm away from your house, you must understand your local, federal and state laws to make sure you remain legal.
People like to carry a firearm especially when they are travelling. Your car might break down, and you might need a gun to defend yourself. Gun laws are changing all the time. You can travel from one state to a different country in an hour that is why you need to know your rules when you travel. If you wear a concealed weapon, you must not go anywhere without knowing the law.


Second Amendment of the US Constitution protects the right to own and carry firearms. People in every third of households own a weapon. The US holds the world record of an estimated 270-310 million guns in the average of one per person. Around 30 000 people die by firearms due to homicide including suicide every year in America. Those that compete against the regulatory arguments for gun control fear the loss of safety. They argue that limiting the right to bear arms would leave people unable to protect themselves in their daily lives or from a government turned against the people.

Mass shootings are also becoming more extensive, refuelling the debate in America’s gun laws. Each state is responsible for its own firearms rules, but these only concern licensed dealers and guns. Forty per cent of the transactions of gun sales is not affected by the law. Former US President Barak Obama constantly tried to introduce a ban on assault weapons and more stringent background checks on gun buyers. The powerful US gun lobby, NRA (National Rifle Association) is firmly against any guns owned or boundaries to citizens rights to own firearms.

The Gun Control Act of 1968 requires that inhabitants must be at least 18 years of age to buy rifles, shotguns or ammunition. Fugitives and people that are a danger to society may not purchase firearms. The laws regulating who may receive or possess guns are set out at the federal level. Some states require purchase permits for handguns.
Gun laws in the United States are very complicated, and opinions vary about stricter gun control laws. If more stringent regulations come into the Laws of possession, it might lessen the death total in America.